Great Gatsby Wedding Hair Styles

If you are having a vintage, 1920’s era wedding or party theme, you are likely getting some of your ideas from The Great Gatsby novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald or Baz Luhrmann’s movie by the same name. It’s “the American dream” story, following the life and times of millionaire Jay Gatsby during the height of the roaring 1920’s. It was a glamorous time, and marked a turning point for women, which can explain the popularity of this theme. Glamour is beautiful and fun, especially for a party.

To stay true to the Great Gatsby theme, there are a few hairstyles and accessories that allow you to complete the Art Deco style ensemble with polished elegance.

Silver screen actresses such as Louise Brooks and Clara Bow exemplified the allure and romance of this period with their short bobs and silk scarves. Let’s take a look at some more inspiration that will bring us back to the Prohibition days (without re-living the actual Prohibition).

The Short Bob

The most iconic hairstyle for this era was the bob haircut. If you already have short hair, and are willing to commit to this style, it is definitely the hair style that most people associate with the 1920’s. The bob can be worn structured and straight or soft and wavy, with the finish just below the ears.
Carey Mulligan - Great Gatsby Wedding Hair
Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyle - Great Gatsby hairstyles

Bob Hairstyle Side Note: During the 1920’s, women began wearing this style to create a more boyish look, and abandon old rules of femininity. It has been called one of the most revolutionary hair-styles in history for women, symbolizing independence and strength equal to men. Today, I believe it still signifies a dramatic change inside some women, to leave behind some of their past, along with their hair.

Finger Waves

The 1920’s finger waves were ultra-chic and were worn to soften the blunt, bob hairstyles. It’s ideal for curly hair, but still versatile enough to work with many hair types. There are two ways to create finger waves, one involves wet styling and the other involves a curling iron. Each have a different look, so it’s just a matter of preference.

Great Gatsby Wedding Hair - Short Hair Finger Waves

Short Hair Finger Waves via

Amanda-Seyfried-Finger Waves - Great Gatsby hairstyles

Amanda Seyfried – Long Hair Finger Waves via Cosmopolitan UK

Finger waves can be worn on longer hair as well, though it will take a little more time complete the look.

If you’d like to learn how to do it yourself, you can check out this great How-To Finger-Wave video!

Jeweled Headbands

In the 1920’s, headbands were flashy and chic, made from beautiful materials such as rhinestone and lace. There were many versions, and they were worn different ways, but mostly horizontally across the head rather than on top of it.

The Cloche Hat or Cloche Veil

The cloche hat was at its peak of popularity in the 1920’s. It is a fitted, bell-shaped hat that is usually made of felt. It has become relevant again due to the hit television show “Downtown Abbey”, where the upper class women have a sophisticated approach to fashion.

Cloches were also made of beads and lace, and could be decorated with appliqués, jeweled brooches and feathers for evening wear or bridal wear.

The Chignon

This charming hairstyle is romantic, and flatters any woman’s face. It’s fairly easily created and the understated elegance of the side bun balances an intricate dress, making it perfect for weddings or formal parties.

Tyra-Banks-Chignon hairstyle - Great Gatsby Hair

Tyra-Banks-Chignon Hairstyle

Lauren-Conrad-Chignon- Great Gatsby Wedding HairStyles

Lauren Conrad – Chignon Hair-Style

The difference between a plain bun and a chignon is that a chignon is loose around the ears instead of being pulled tight against the scalp. Hence the name “chignon,” which comes from the French phrase “chignon du cou,” which means nape of the neck.

Chignon Great Gatsby Wedding Hair | Yolan Cris Wedding Dress | Great Gatsby Wedding Style

Chignon Hairstyle – Great Gatsby Wedding Dress Style by Yolan Cris

These glamorous hairstyles are all so beautiful, you may decide to re-create some of these looks on a daily basis. Depending on your every day job or outings, you may even pull off the sparkly, rhinestone headband… just channel your inner Hollywood screen legend and walk confidently, there’s nothing wrong with feeling like a star.

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