Wedding Flowers for Your Season

A Seasonal Guide for Your Wedding

Flowers can really set the tone for your wedding. Daisies and sunflowers displayed in mason jars and silver pitchers reflect a casual and cheerful event, while white roses perched on a candelabra exude elegance.

Sunflowers in Mason Jars

If the wedding flowers you choose are out of season, you could be paying a premium price. Take a little time to explore your options, and then decide if having a pink peony in December is really a deal breaker for your primary flower choice.


Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter Bouquet

Winter Bouquet | via Style Me Pretty

Amaryllis-Red, White
Anemone-Blue, red, pink, white * Jan-May and Aug-Dec.
Bells of Ireland-Green * Jan-Oct.
Camellias-White, Pink
Casa Blanca Lily-White * Jan-Oct
Cosmos-Pink, White, Brown, Other Colors
Daffodil-Yellow * Jan-Early May
Holly-Green with Red Berries
Narcissus-White, Yellow
Poinsettia-Red, White
Ranunculus-white, pink, red, orange and yellow * Feb-May
Star Gazer Lily-Pink and White * Jan-Oct
Star of Bethlehem-White
Sweetpea-white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple * Dec-May
Tulip-Many colors * Dec-April
Waxflower-Pink, White


Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall Flower Bouquet

Fall Bouquet | MFGFloral

Aster-White, Pink
Chrysanthemum-White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, *Spider Mums
Dahlia-Many Colors
Marigold-Yellow, Orange, Red
Viburnum-Many Colors
Zinnia-Red, orange, pink

In the fall, colors are just as important as the type of flower, a mix of purple, deep red, and fiery orange accented with fall’s natural foliage to accent the bouquet will convey a natural warmth to your wedding day.


Summer Wedding Flowers

English Lavender Wedding Bouquet

English Lavender Bouquet via Engaged and Inspired

Alstroemeria-orange, pink, yellow, cream, & other colors
Bells of Ireland-Green *January-October
Chrysanthemum-White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, other colors
English Lavender-Purple
Freesia-White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
Gerbera Daisy-Pink, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
Hydrangea-White, Blue, Purple, Pink
Iris-Purple, Blue, White
Larkspur-White, Purple, Blue, Pink
Liatris-Pinkish Purple
Lily, asiatic-White, Pink, Yellow, Orange
Lily, oriental-White, Pink
Lisianthus-Purple, White, Pink
Matsumoto Asters-Pink, Purple
Monte Casino Asters-White, Purple
Queen Anne’s Lace-White
Snapdragons-Pink, Yellow, Orange, White
Stock-White, Other Colors
Yarrow-White, Pink, Yellow
Zinnia-Red, Orange, Pink


Spring Wedding Flowers

Anemone-Blue, red, pink, white * Jan-May and Aug-Dec.
Bells of Ireland-Green * Jan-Oct
Boronia-Pink * April-May
Casa Blanca Lily * White * Jan-Oct
Daffodil-Yellow * January-Early May
Delphinium-White, Blue * April-Oct
Hyacinth-Purple, Pink or White
Lilacs-Violet or White
Lily of the Valley-White and Pink
Peony -Pink or White * Late Spring–Early Summer
Ranunculus-white, pink, red, orange and yellow * Feb-May
Star Gazer Lily-Pink and White * Jan-Oct
Sweetpea-white, pink, red/coral, and lavender/purple * Dec-May
Tulip-Many colors, including white, pink, yellow, red, and purple * Dec-April
Waxflower-pinky purple and white

Lilies of the valley are a very sensitive flower, but have a lovely fragrance that can add a wonderful touch to a spring wedding bouquet.

Lily Of The Valley Wedding Bouquet


Some flowers are available all year long, and while a few of these may not be your first choice as a single flower, they add a beautiful contrast when mixed in with seasonal flowers, and can really pull your wedding colors together.

Wedding Flowers Available All Year

Baby’s Breath-White
Bachelor’s Button-White, Pink, Red or Blue
Calla Lily-White and other colors are available as well, particularly in mini size
Carnations-Many Colors
Delphinium-Blue, White, Purple
Eucalyptus-Blue, Silver
Gladiolus-Many Colors
Orchid-Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors
Rose-Many Colors **February at a premium
Scabiosa-Purple, White

Succulent Wedding Flowers

Image via Style Me Pretty

Let your wedding flowers be a reflection of yourself, and your day of celebration as a couple. Whether they are done by a florist or tied with your own hands, flowers are nature’s gift to your wedding.

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